View IPTV with VLC Player software

View IPTV with VLC Player software

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With the tutorial below, you can easily view IPTV on Windows or any operating system that can install the Vlc player.

Initially download the vlc player software from the main site of this software.

The main software site:

After downloading the software, install it on your system.

Run the program after installation.

vlc player iptv


Click on the media in the top menu (tabs), then click on the open network stream section.


vlc player iptv

As you can see in the photo, there are different parts in the open media box. You have to go to the Network section and copy the account as a URL link and click on the enter button in the enter the URL of the URL. Finally, click on the Play button.

vlc player iptv

vlc player iptv


After completing the steps above, you can easily view the channels through this software.

Another way to watch iptv with vlc software is that you might have a m3u file and you want to view it with this software.

To view the file just right-click on the file, for example, iptv.m3u, right-click on the vlc software or run the vlc program, and then download the desired file and drop it on vlc drag & drop. So easy

Note: To use the Ctrl + L combination keys, you can use the combination keys.

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